YTS/YIFY: Residence of Quality of Movies & TV Shows

Movies, A fascinating art to showcase the depiction of life and fantasy. It is that piece of entertainment that the majority of people would like to do in their leisure time.

new movies

And, the biggest source to get new movies and TV shows of the best quality for free are torrent sites.

 When it comes to torrent sites, there are many names that will come across your mind and we are very much certain that YTS/YIFY is one of the names, and if you are still not familiar with YTS/YIFY, let’s start the journey!


YTS/YIFY Website

YTS/YIFY is one of the widely known torrent sites that is significantly known for delivering high-quality at the smallest size. It also holds the title of one of the most famous sources in the peer-to-peer sharing community. 

And, the support of seeders with better transfer speeds makes more users inclined towards it. The engrossing trait of YTS/YIFY is that it delivers validated torrent files and as we said that it is quite impressive beacuses in the Bittorrent world, it is rare.

The popular site came into existence in August 2011 and since then, it has been catering its alluring services and succeeded in creating a loyal fanbase. The headquarters of the respective torrent site is in Auckland, New Zealand.

Features of YTS/YIFY

By the introduction of YTS/YIFY, you have gotten an idea that YTS/YIFY is a platform that upholds much more and in this particular section, you are going to become acquainted with all of them. 

So, let’s get into it and find out what are the features of YTS/YIFY.

  • YTS/YIFY carters users worldwide a huge collection of movies and TV shows from new to classics and of different genres.
YTS/YIFY Movies 
  • You can download your preferred movie and TV show from YTS/YIFY in high-quality (720p, 1080p, 2160p 4K, and 3D quality, all at the smallest size .
YTS/YIFY Quality 
  • With YTS/YIFY, searching for desired content has become a child’s play. All you have to do is enter the name of the movie/TV show in the quick search bar and select the movie from the search results.
Quick Search Bar
  • The site also delivers subtitles for shows and movies which is also a reason why it is so popular amongst torrent users.
  • You can easily look for your desired movie with YTS/YIFY and for precise results, you can search by quality, genre, rating, and order by.
YTS/YIFY Search Term
  •  From the homepage of the site, you can choose movies from popular downloads as well as from the latest YIFY movie torrents section.
 Latest YIFY Movie Torrents
  • YTS/YIFY offers a clean and easy-to-access user interface that eases the whole searching and downloading procedure.
YTS/YIFY Interface 
  • On this popular website, there is a particular compartment dedicated to 4K movies only which means you can enjoy films and show them in the best quality available in the market.
YTS/YIFY 4K Movies
  • Simply placing the cursor on the movie poster, you will be able to see the rating as well as the genre of the movie.
Rating & Genre
  •  By clicking on the Watch Now button, you can also stream a variety of movies without downloading.

Genre Available on YTS/YIFY

These are the genres available on the YTS/YIFY site through which you can browse movies and TV shows as per your preference and enjoy the cinematic universe.

Genre Available on yts
Action Adventure Animation BiographyComedy
CrimeDocumentaryDrama Family Fantasy
MusicalMystery NewsReality-TVRomance

What Happened to YTS/YIFY? 

As you know that YTS/YIFY is a torrent site that offers pirated or say copyrighted content. And, as the fate of all the torrenting sites was written, the original website has als got to see the burnt of authorities and eventually got shut down in 2015. You may come across several sites claiming that there were authentic ones, we advise you not to believe them, as the original team has not come up with any other website as a successor of YIFY/YTS.

However, there are numerous YTS/YIFY proxy sites, and mirror sites that deliver the users akin interface on a different domain name which you will see in the forthcoming sections.

What are Proxy Sites and How do YTS/YIFY Proxy Sites Operate?

Proxy sites basically act as a middleman that builds an anonymous bridge between your internet connection and the website you wish to connect to. 

And, when the discussion is going on about how YTS/YIFY proxy sites function, in this case, your browser institutes a connection, and the connection calls out the proxy site.

The proxy site in turn navigates to the destination website and that’s how YTS/YIFY operates. You can say it fools the website you are trying to reach by hiding your IP address and making it hard to decipher the original IP addresses trying to institute the connection. By vanishing your digital footprints YTS/YIFY proxy sites aid in averting geo-blocking by internet service providers.

Now that you have gained knowledge of what happened to the YTS/YIFY and how  YTS/YIFY proxy sites operate. It’s time to check out the YTS/YIFY proxy sites which will assist you in accessing YTS/YIFY and streaming & downloading your desired films and shows.

YTS/YIFY Proxy Sites 2022 list

Here is the 2022 edition of YTS/YIFY Proxy Sites, Working!

YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 1YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 2
YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 3YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 4
YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 5YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 6
YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 7YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 8
YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 9YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 10 
YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 11YTS/YIFY Proxy Site 12

How to Watch Movies/TV Shows on YTS/YIFY?

Movie fanatics across the globe extend their gratitude towards YTS/YIFY for crafting the interface user-friendly which makes searching, streaming, and downloading content a matter of time.

Streaming content (movies & TV shows) via YTS/YIFY is effortless and very easy, all you have to do is follow the below-cited steps and you will be able to enjoy the movie you are craving for.

So, let’s check the steps to stream and watch movies on YTS/YIFY.

Steps to Stream and Watch Movies on YTS/YIFY

Here are the mere steps that you have to follow in order to stream and download movies on YTS/YIFY.

  • To stream and watch the movies/TV shows on YTS/YIFY, redirect to the YTS/YIFY site and choose or simply search for the movie/show you are looking for.
  • Now that you have chosen the movie which you would like to stream and watch, click on the green button titled “Watch Now”.
Watch Now Button
  • After clicking on the Watch Now button, it will scroll down and start loading torrents, and next, all you have to do is click on the “Play” button.
Play Button

See how easy it is to stream and watch your desired content on YTS/YIFY. Now, let’s take a glimpse at the steps that you have to follow in order to download the movies from YTS/YIFY.

How to Download Movies/TV Shows From YTS/YIFY?

As we have stated above, the YTS/YIFY offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes accessing content more convenient, be it streaming or downloading.

All you require is a strong and stable internet connection and soon you will find your desired content in the internal storage of your device.

Note:- Before heading to the downloading steps, make sure to download and install a torrent client (BitTorrent or Utorrent)  on your device or system, as without a torrent client, you wouldn’t be able to download any content.

Steps to Download Movies/TV Shows From YTS/YIFY 

These are the steps that will aid you in downloading Movies/TV shows from YTS/YIFY. 

  • In order to download the Movies/TV shows from YTS/YIFY,  simply initiate by launching your favourite browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari).
  • Now that you have landed on the YTS/YIFY website, you can easily search for desired content (movies & TV shows) by entering the name of the particular piece of content in the search bar.
YTS YIFY search bar

Info:- You can also scroll down and select movies & TV shows from popular downloads and the latest YIFY movie torrents as well as browse movies and shows as per quality, rating, genre, and order by.

  • Next, all you have to do is click on the movie poster and choose the format (720p, 1080p, etc.) in which you want to download your movie or TV show.
  • Lastly, on the top, you will see a notification asking to open the torrent client, simply give the permission and your download will commence.

By following these mere steps, you will be able to download your preferred content from YTS/YIFY and enjoy your leisure time watching your favourite movie or TV show.

YTS/YIFY Download 

Best Alternatives to YTS/YIFY 

If you are foreseeing issues while accessing YTS/YIFY and worried about where you fill your entertainment cravings? Don’t worry! As there are several alternatives that offer similar services to YTS/YIFY and the potential to take care of all your entertainment needs.

So, let’s move, the clock is ticking!

List of best YTS/YIFY Alternatives 

Here is the list of best YTS/YIFY alternatives through which you will be able to get your desired content for free in the best quality available.


The first place in the list of best alternate YTS/YIFY is definitely reserved for the pioneer of the torrenting world, Kickass torrents. Kickass torrent is one of the most famous torrenting sites that had uphold the title of number one torrent site for quite a long period. 

For years it has been a great deal for all the movie and TV show fanatics. Also, the site is multilingual which simply means that the site is available in 30 plus languages.

And, for your information, this popular site came into existence in 2008 and since then, it is offering its alluring services. However, due to providing and sharing copyrighted content, the site has gone through tough times but despite that, the site is still available. 

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate bay has all the trappings to be a suitable alternative to YTS/YIFY as it is one of the oldest torrent sites that offer high-speed quality torrents. Apart from your favorite movies and TV shows, you can also download audio, video, applications, games, porn, and more.

 It has been almost 19 years since it was brought into the world by “Gottfrid Svartholm” and “Fredrik Neij”.

The most fascinating quality of this torrenting site is that it is available in 35 languages, primarily in English and Swedish for the users and this helped this site gain a global audience. 

You can easily rely on this website, if YTS/YIFY is not working or blocked in your region.


RARBG is a name you often have heard from the mouths of torrent lovers. This torrent site has been long in the race and still offers quality torrent files including movies, TV shows, games, and even software programs. 

Once you have reached the site, on the top you will see recommended torrents consisting of top movies and TV shows and below that RARBG has placed a search bar where you can search for various torrent files. 

On the left, you will see all the categories available on the respective site which include TV shows, movies, games, music, anime, apps, XXX, doc, and more. And, on the top-right side, you will see the catalog and the top 10, through which you can also search for your desired movies & TV shows as well as check out the top 10 torrents.

You can say this site can take care of all your torrenting needs.


If you have liked the simple and intuitive interface of YTS/YIFY, you indeed become a fan of 1377x too as it also offers a very simple-to-access interface that makes browsing and searching content easier.

Apart from this, from 1377x you can download your desired content simply by inputting the keyword in the search bar in the middle of the site.

And, at the moment of time something particular is not hitting your mind, you can browse the different genres (movies, television, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, XXX, and others).

You can also check out the top 100 torrents as well as trending torrents and make up your mind.

Lime torrents

LimeTorrents is another great alternative to YTS/YIFY due to its alluring characteristics such as a massive collection of torrents, easy-to-access interface, sorted genre, and more. 

Akin to other torrenting sites, you can also download your desired content from Lime torrents such as the latest & classic movies and TV shows as well as games, music anime, etc. And, as we said, the site is super-ea

sy to use and can be easily accessible via phones, tablets, and desktops.

Along with the quality of torrent files, it also offers high-speed downloading which makes it a perfect choice for YTS/YIFY alternatives.


When the talk is about an alternative that caters to a vast audience like YTS/YIFY and offers a large number of torrent files for free, Extratorrent is the shoulder where you can place your head.

The site is very well known and loved by the daily torrent users and the credit for it goes all to its simple interface and a mammoth collection of torrent files. Users can easily get what they are looking for, be it newly released movies, TV shows, web series, music, software, etc.

And, if you are an anime lover and fond of watching a range of different animes, Extratorrent got you there too. For book enthusiasts, this captivating site is also a reliable option.

Having this much to offer makes it a true alternative to YTS/YIFY.


Torrentz2 is a torrent search engine that collects data from a range of torrent search engines and utilizes it to top up the humongous database of torrent files. From Torrentz2, you will be able to settle down your entertainment cravings as it also offers movie and TV torrents. 

And if you look at its history, the respective site was established back in 2003 and soon it became the apple of the eye of movie enthusiasts and torrent lovers.

The site may not be accessible in your region because of restrictions set by law enforcement agencies and authorities, and likewise YTS/YIFY, you can use a VPN service in order to access and download content from Torrentz2.


If you are not able to access YTS/YIFY for any reason, EZTV can help you with that.

Albeit, it comes among the lesser known sites in the torrenting world but it is quite an underrated website as it also offers the quality torrent on its platform.

It has provided dedicated sections for varied genres of torrents and apart from merely a torrent site, it is a community of torrent fanatics, you can get the chance of acquainting with like-minded people.

So, if you are searching for a torrent site that has the potential worth of YTS/YIFY, you can place your hands in EZTV hands.

Is YTS/YIFY Safe to Use?

One of the most asked and concerning factors, YTS/YIFY is safe to use or not?

For your information, Yes, the site is safe to use and in our extensive research, we have found that it is perfectly alright to access. 

However, we still advise you to opt for a reliable VPN service as it encrypts your whole incoming and outgoing traffic at all times. This practice will avert others from seeing or knowing what you are doing on your computer or devices.

YTS/YIFY Unblocked?

If YTS/YIFY is blocked in your region or not accessible, you can unblock it by setting up a VPN. Installing and setting up a VPN not only unblocks YTS/YIFY but also caters you an extra coating of security by hiding your current IP address.

VPNs play a significant role in today’s online world. It prevents your identity, safeguards your privacy, and also prompts you to bypass censorship, blockages, and other prohibitions.

And, If you are confused about which VPN to choose, for that we have cited a list of the best and most reliable VPNs which you can install to access and download your desired content from YTS/YIFY.

So, here are the names of the best VPN service provider that will aid you not only in accessing YTS/YIFY but provides you the top-tier security as well as several 

Best VPN Service Provider

Ending Note

YTS/YIFY is a tremendous website when it comes to downloading movies and shows in the high-quality. It is a perfect destination for all of your entertainment needs. Thanks to its simple and classic user interface which makes the whole streaming and downloading process easier for the users.

From this popular site, you can not only download movies from Hollywood but movies from Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. 

The site is completely safe and absolutely free to use, however, the original website was tracked down back in 2015 although, with the help of YTS/YIFY proxy sites which we have cited in this article, you can head to YTS/YIFY and access the content you are looking for.

Lastly, we again advise you to enable a good VPN service prior to accessing YTS/YIFY or any other torrent site as it averts disclosing your IP address as well as keeping your identity anonymous.

So, these are the worthy and notable alternatives to YTS/YIFY through which you can take care of your entertainment needs and get the best of your leisure time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions resonating with YTS/YIFY.

Ans: If YTS/YIFY is not working, you can try out different proxy sites or take the assistance of a VPN or move your step towards YTS/YIFY alternatives such as 1337x, Kickass, Extratorrent, or Lime torrent.

Ans: Yes, YTS/YIFY is completely free to access. You can download your desired content be it movies or TV shows without spending a single penny on YTS/YIFY.

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