xResolver- Know How to Blacklist, Boot and the Legal Status of xResolver

Normally, there are several ways to find the IP address of a person, but one of the most popular these days is by using the Gamertag of that particular person and finding them on xResolver.

In this article, you will get detailed information about xResolver, how to use it and if it is legal to use xResolver?

About xResovler

In simple words, an Xbox resolver or xResolver, also known as PlayStation resolver, is a web-based database that includes IP addresses. The IP address is based on Gamertags that a gamer plays.

The xResolver website mentions them as ‘Gamertag to IP address resolver’ for those players using Xbox, PlayStation, and computer games regularly. With the help of an Xbox resolver, xResolver scraps data, including an Xbox player’s username, IP address, and ISP address using bots.


How to Blacklist Xbox Using xResolver?

xResolver can be used on all devices as well as operating systems. You can use xResolver to blacklist Xbox on xResolver Microsoft, PS4, PS5, xResolver Roblox, and on the majority of the web browsers as well. You can connect Xbox to your desktop or laptop by using HDMI input ports.

xResolver wants you to pay them to use the blacklist feature, but here are some ways using which you can blacklist yourself without paying x Resolver and for free:

  1. With the help of a VPN, connect to a remote server to hide your original IP.
  2. You can even connect back to your ISP to change your IP address.

For Static IP users

  1. You can contact your internet service provider.

For Dynamic IP users

  1. You might need to restart the router several times.
  2. Do not involve in gaming with users you don’t know.
  3. Remove suspicious users from the friend’s list
  4. Get rid of IP by using the data removal form.

The Process to Boot Using xResolver

Follow the given instructions to boot using xResolver:

  1. Download and install any freebooter.
  2. Enter the IP address that you want to boot out.
  3. Set the time duration for which you want the user to not disturb you.
  4. Go to the DDOS tab.
  5. This will show you if the application was successful in booting the IP address.

How Can you Get Blacklisted on xResolver? 

You can even blacklist your username as a preventive measure to make sure that no one blocks you or side-tracks you in a game. You can easily blacklist yourself by using a sniffer program such as Octosniff. This program can help blacklist your IP address easily, but you might be required to purchase points.

Make sure you have an account with Octosniff. As a networking research tool, this allows you to keep a check on the traffic using your console or your device.

Follow the given steps to blacklist yourself with the help of the xResolver Xbox blacklist.

  1. Enter your Gamertag into the device after opening xResolver.
  2. This will provide you with your IP address. The x Resolver allows one Gamertag at a time that can be put in the box. In case, you need to know the IP address of many Gamertags, enter them one by one.
  3. Once you have got the IP address, sign in to your Octosniff account.
  4. Before you proceed to blacklist your IP, you will need to buy 500 points.
  5. Once you are done with that, you will get the key to your message box.
  6. Copy the key/ xResolver blacklist IP link.
  7. Click on ‘redeem the license’ and enter the key into the points section.
  8. Click on ‘claim points’.
  9. Once you have claimed the points, go to ‘Miscellaneous’ and scroll down to the blacklist section.
  10. Type in your IP address and click on the blacklist username.
  11. Return to the site and try the username and see if you get the validation that you have been blacklisted.

xResolver, the only resolver that uses AI bot engines to scrape the internet for all the information related to an IP address, can also be used as an IP address resolver for Xbox.

To get the IP address, xResolver uses Gamertags. Their in-built tool comes in handy with ARP sniffing, port scanners, and a geolocation tracker. If you have extracted the Gamertag, you can easily get the IP using x Resolver.

Is xResolver Legal?

It is mentioned on the website that they only provide the information that was made available to the public, hence, is fully legal.

They use AI Technology to associate a Public IPv4 with a Gamertag along with thousands of automatic scrapers that are running around the clock. This is the same way Google scrapes websites for information!

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