Why Stripper Pole is Gaining Popularity

Stripper poles have become very popular recently. What’s the reason behind this? Is pole dancing really becoming mainstream?

Pole dancing is a type of dance performed using a stripper pole. This form of artistic expression was initially developed for women who wanted to showcase their body figure without going through strenuous exercise routines or wearing unflattering clothing. Nowadays, stripper pole dancing continues to gain popularity due to its flexibility and versatility. 

The Concept Behind Stripper Pole 

The concept of stripper pole dancing originally came from strip clubs. People in these establishments would dance on poles around a room, exposing their bodies. When pole dancing was introduced into mainstream culture, the dancers started posing for pictures and selling them for extra cash. Nowadays, the art form has evolved and is done in various ways.

The Rising Popularity of Stripper Pole 

A stripper pole has become one of the hottest fitness trends over the last decade. It comes in two different varieties: the high-rise pole and the low-rise pole. The former is taller and usually placed above other equipment, such as a treadmill or exercise bike. Most gyms feature these poles since they allow users to perform various workouts without transferring from one machine to another.

Benefits of Working Out on a Stripper Pole

Builds Strength and Balance 

There are several benefits associated with working out on a pole. The pole forces a person to engage his core muscles during exercises and helps build strength, balance, and flexibility in the hips and thighs. Although fitness experts don’t recommend using poles for long periods, they say that beginners should start with 30 minutes per day before gradually increasing time.

Helps to Improve Posture 

In addition to being used by people looking to lose weight, a stripper pole can benefit those who want to improve their posture. Since the pole forces you to keep your back straight, it allows you to stretch your spine and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Many professional athletes use the pole to help prevent injuries.

Improves Balance and Muscle Coordination

Another reason why a stripper pole is ideal is that it improves muscle coordination. This helps to prevent injuries caused by falling. And since almost every part of your body is engaged throughout each movement, you get complete body coverage.

Builds Strength in Your Arms 

While most people think about building arm strength when lifting weights, there are many benefits to working them through a pole workout. For one, you can use the pole to help you perform more reps than using free weights alone. You also work your arms while keeping your back straight, which will help prevent lower back pain.

Improves Mental and Emotional Health 

The benefits of pole dancing for mental and emotional health have transformed people’s lives, whether they are struggling with daily stress or something more profound.

Increases Confidence

It’s astonishing how timid and anxious novices change their thoughts and bodies as they progress with pole work and come to appreciate how competent and strong their bodies are. Pole demonstrates that despite all the messages we receive in today’s society that we aren’t “good enough, attractive enough, slender enough, etc.,” we are. Even though in our first few courses, we could feel a bit ridiculous or awkward, ultimately, without any pressure, we feel ready to break out of our shells. Like no other activity, pole gives you a greater sense of empowerment and self-assurance.

Reduces Stress 

As soon as you enter the pole room and begin your warm-up, the pressures of your everyday life start to fade as you concentrate on having a bit of fun and learning something new. However, if you aren’t yet able to learn a new move, don’t worry! The ability to laugh heartily at oneself is really beneficial to one’s health. Exercise and dancing both generate endorphins that make you ecstatic and happy, so try to do both as frequently as possible!

The Bottom Line 

It doesn’t take long to begin recognizing or experiencing the numerous benefits of the stripper pole, both physically and emotionally. Anyone may attempt it; just keep in mind that developing strength and technique takes time, so don’t give up.

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