Top Academic Writing and Proofreading Tools Available Online

In this imperfect world, perfection is demanded everywhere. From student to professional life, every individual is asked to give their best and produce flawless results. However, all humans are prone to making mistakes, and we cannot expect them to deliver 100% accurate outcomes all the time. Thanks to the inventions of modern technology, things aren’t the same as they used to be in the past. 

Today, we all are reliant on technology in some way or another. Therefore, we cannot expect students to be bookworms and generate everything on their own without any assistance. Writing is one such task that most students hate to do, but to maintain grades; they must deliver assignments on time per the instructions. If you are suffering from such a nuisance, there is no need to be worried anymore, as several academic writing and proofreading tools are available online for your assistance.

Read this article till the end to discover the utilities that can aid your academic writing tasks.

SearchEngineReports – Plagiarism Checker

Every student in academia must complete assignments, write essays, generate research papers, and so on, whether they like writing. With every academic task comes a guideline that strictly prohibits students from committing plagiarism. Plagiarism is replicating someone else’s words and presenting them as your own. In the education sector, plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty, and it causes serious trouble for students. 

A plagiarism checker is, therefore, one of the most popular tools for students to detect plagiarism in their writing. SearchEngineReports provides the best plagiarism checker for everyone to check their work. All you need to do is simply visit and paste the text in the given area. After that click the “check plagiarism” button. The plagiarism tool will scan the entire text and highlight the duplicate sentences in a few seconds. The best thing about this online plagiarism detector is that it does not require users to register. It is a completely free online utility for everyone who wants to ensure their work originality.


Grammarly is a perfect writing assistant that is helpful for every student involved in any writing task. Grammarly should be a go-to option when it comes to proofreading. As soon as you upload the text, this smart writing assistant highlights all its errors. Besides detecting errors, this online tool will also help you rectify them. Against each mistake, you’ll get a suggestion to fix it. It is up to you whether you want to take the suggestion and correct the error. Non-native English speakers can strengthen their command of this language with this online tool, which also explains how to fix mistakes.


If you have detected plagiarism from your assignment, you must get rid of it before submitting the work. As earlier discussed, plagiarized work can make you face serious troubles, such as failing grades and expulsion from the institute. If you don’t have enough time to deal with plagiarism, then there is no need to fret out. RewriteGuru’s article rewriter can help you get rid of plagiarism in a matter of an instance. This smart rewriter tool has been designed to provide users with a way to generate plagiarism-free text without following any convoluted procedures. You don’t need a specific device to run and use this online rewriter facility. It is a web-based utility that works on all devices and can be accessed from anywhere. 

Google Docs

While looking for an online word processor, the name Google Docs surely comes at the top. This advanced online word processor allows the users to create, format, and share textual documents on the go. In this online world, no one desires to get into the hassle of downloading a software program on their device. Thanks to Google Docs, you no longer need to install and access MS Word or any other word processing software, as it allows you to create any textual file over the web. Moreover, sharing these files is also quite simple, as you just need to copy the URL and send it to the recipient through any medium. 


Many students find it quite hectic to organize their academic work and save all the notes given by the teachers. Evernote is an online platform that provides all students with an easy way of managing their academic writing tasks without facing any intricacies. With Evernote, you’ll never miss deadlines and deliver all the work timely, as it allows you to set due dates and reminders. On this platform, you can scan and save all your important notes without struggling to find information at the last moment. This platform allows you to attach PDFs, images, and other sorts of documents in a compiled form.

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