Role of Invisible Character on Social Media Profiling

Have you ever received an empty text? Or visited a nameless profile? It certainly leaves one wondering how are people able to do this. People tend to present themselves in a stylish manner on social media profiles. You want others to perceive you as an exciting and intriguing person.

To create a mystery or intrigue on your profile, people tend to use invisible characters. Others use them to secure their personal information on their profile. Invisible characters help us in many ways. 

First of all, you need to know what invisible characters are. We will then dive into how invisible characters are important for social media profiles. 

What are Invisible Characters?

As the name suggests, the invisible characters are the ones that are not displayed. In short, you cannot see when someone has written invisible characters anywhere. 

Invisible characters are also called Unicode characters. They are blank spaces without using the blank space key. 

It is important to note that these characters are only invisible to the human eye. They can be detected by a computer easily. A system of uni code makes it impossible to read them and makes them appear as blank spaces. 

A common application of invisible characters is when you have to send an empty message. However, invisible fonts can be used in many places. 

How Can You Use Invisible Characters on Social Media Profiles?

People usually use invisible characters to get attention on their social media profiles. When you make the characters invisible or write the text in reverse, you make others surprised for a bit. 

You can even remove the name on your profile. A random person visiting your profile would wonder how he created the profile without any name. 

Ever received a blank message? And now you want to send it too but you can’t because it is impossible without using the invisible characters. 

These days people use the invisible characters for fun but the main purpose of them was to address security issues. 

What are Other Uses of Invisible Characters? 

  • With the rise of technology and multiple features on the internet, there is also a spike in security concerns. When someone faces any security threat, they try to hide the information on their social media profile. 
  • This can be done via invisible characters. You can write anything you want, and no one will be able to access that information. 
  • You can write confidential information in the form of invisible characters. No one will be able to read it at first glance. 
  • Hardcore gamers use invisible characters to hide their identity and to make their accounts private. 
  • People use the invisible characters to make a nameless profile so that they can tease others. 

Whatever might be the purpose, you want to create the invisible characters at one point or another. Here’s how you can do this. 

How Can You Generate Invisible Characters?

You can easily generate the invisible characters by using online tools such as; Editpad and Textreverse

Invisible Characters by Editpad


Editpad tool allows you to generate the invisible characters without any hassle. By using this tool, you can quickly send an empty message. You just have to copy the blank space and paste it. There you go! Invisible characters are generated. 

Online messaging applications such as WhatsApp do not allow you to send an empty message. There must be any text or character in order to send a message. 

With the help of Editpad, you can do this without any effort. Most importantly, this tool is absolutely free and also has a testing option. 

How to Create Blank Characters using Editpad?

There are two methods. First one is to just click the button that says “copy to clipboard”. An invisible character will be generated and can be copy-pasted anywhere. 

If this method doesn’t work on your device, then click on the empty space shown in “method 2”. It lets you copy the invisible character. You can even test it by pasting it below. 

Empty Characters by Textreverse


Textreverse is another web tool that generates invisible characters. The main purpose of the tool is to generate the reverse text but creating invisible characters is an additional feature. 

The use of text reverse is pretty much identical to the Editpad. Just like the above-mentioned tool, it is also free of cost. 

You can create the invisible characters in just a few seconds by clicking on one button. The copied invisible characters can be pasted anywhere you want. 


The invisible characters generating tools have made it so much more convenient to add versatility to your social media profiles. You can make the characters invisible in your WhatsApp and Facebook statuses. 

You can even send an empty message and can make nameless profiles. There are so many possibilities for what you can do with invisible characters. 

It has made the use of the internet so much fun. On the other hand, it also saves you from any security threats. You can write anything on your social media profile and no one will be able to access it. 

Invisible characters can be generated in no time with the help of online tools. You can give them a try to create empty, reverse, or stylish text.

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