Roku Remote Volume Not Working – Easy Ways to Fix It (2023 Edition)

Roku remotes are quite popular in the modern generation and almost every household has them. But they are not flawless either. Users often face sound issues and technical problems, causing severe inconvenience to them.

In case you are one such user, read this write-up till the end to know how to get rid of Roku remote issues without breaking a sweat.

Simple Tips to Control the Volume with My Roku Remote

It is evident that the Roku remote can typically cause issues every now and then. But in some rare cases, when the Roku volume buttons are not working, you can make use of the tips mentioned below to fix when Roku remote volume buttons are not working with relative ease.

  • Via the Replacement of Batteries

It is pretty important for one to check the batteries in case the remote is not working since it is one of the most common issues that lead to this issue.

  • Check to See if the Buttons are Stuck

There are chances that if you live in a joint family and have tons of kids in the family or if the remote is old, it is pretty likely that the buttons may get stuck. This can be fixed with the use of a mild cleaner or some wet wipes to remove any sort of junk from the remote.

Once you have done the same, press the volume buttons repeatedly to get rid of any residue that is left.

  • For Users Who are Using the Application

Users need to disable the option of private listening in case they have enabled it, as doing so will ensure that the sound can only be heard after wearing the connected Bluetooth devices instead of the TV. Simply switch the toggle to the other side and you will be able to fix the volume problem with Roku on your own.

  • Check to See if the Television is on Mute

Oftentimes, users forget that they have adjusted the volume with the Roku remote control while keeping the TV on mute. In case you feel that you are stuck in a similar situation, simply unmute the TV set to get rid of this issue.

  • By Repairing the Controller

In case you are suffering from syncing issues with your Roku remote, try to pair it again in the correct manner. Chances are that this reboot may fix the “Roku volume control not working” issue with ease.

These are some of the simple tips that can be of use in case the volume button of your Roku remote is not working. Easy right?

In case the above-mentioned methods were of no help, and you are still experiencing the sound issue, the methods that are given below may come in handy.

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Methods to Fix Sound Issues with Roku

  • By Repairing the HDMI Port

Try plugging into a different Roku HDMI port. In case you are able to fix the Volume not working problem on Roku remote, it simply implies that the other port was faulty and led to the sound issue.

  • By Changing the A/V Port

It is common knowledge that in most cases, the Roku input is connected to an outside source for sound and if the connection is not proper enough, it can lead to a wide number of errors.

  • By Changing the Cables

Most people generally make use of cables for the audio setup. Consider changing the cables in case you feel that the current ones are of no use to check if that fixes the issue or not.

  • By Resetting the Roku

Start by unplugging everything and removing the cable. Wait for about 10-20 minutes and plug it back again to finish the reset process for Roku. Once you have done this, go ahead and adjust the volume for your Roku remote.

  • By Adjusting the Volume Settings

At times, the basic settings may need a bit of tweaking. Move to the settings option and choose audio to change the audio options for your respective device. For users who are making use of an optical cable, simply switch it to HDMI and S/PDIF to Dolby D.

  • By Turning off Surround Sound

Check the surround sound to see if it is the center of the sound issue. Move to the settings option and click on the audio and set the audio mode to stereo. Also, switch the HDMI simply to PCM-Stereo.

In case you are looking for more options, go visit to get remote help on their homepage.

Before we sign off, let us take a look at some of the most popular questions on the internet about Roku and its issues.

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Q.1 Is it possible to turn up the volume on Roku without having a remote?

Ans-1: Roku offers a complete step-by-step guide for users who want to explore this option in times of desperate need. Another easy way out is to use the volume buttons that are available on the TV since Roku TVs come with volume buttons attached to them.

Q.2 How can I control the volume of the soundbar with the Roku remote?

Ans-2: It is possible with the use of Roku that supports HDMI-ARC, along with a compatible soundbar. The Roku remote can be used to control the volume of the TV and the volume of your soundbar. Although there are some specific configurations that are needed to make it work.

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