Roku Not Working? Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Different Problems with Roku Device

Key Takeaways
1 If your Roku device is not working, you can try restarting your device.
2 A Factory reset can also fix the issues with Roku but it will restore all the settings, preference and data to its original state.

Don’t you find it frustrating when any of your devices suddenly stop working? This can happen with your Roku device as well, and that might make you wonder why Roku isn’t working or what can be done to fix the issues with your Roku device.

Well, this guide has all the answers.

No matter for what reason, if your Roku device has stopped working out of the blue, or is behaving abnormally, you can try the list of solutions that has been discussed further in this article.

Possible Issues with Roku

Here are some of the common issues that you can face with your Roku device:

  1. Roku won’t turn on
  2. The Roku device has stopped working
  3. The remote of the device is not working
  4. Roku TV is not connecting to the internet
  5. The audio is not playing
  6. Roku’s audio and video are not in sync
  7. It is connected but still not working
  8. The remote has gone unresponsive
  9. The Roku device is freezing

These were some of the possible issues that you can face with your Roku device, let’s move on to the causes of the issues and their solutions.

Roku isn’t Working? Causes and Solutions

If you are facing any of the above issues with Roku, this can happen due to several reasons. Moreover, the issues with Roku are easy to deal with if you apply the appropriate solution for the issue you are facing.

Given below are the methods that can fix issues with Roku and make it work again:

1 Restart Roku

For any technical problems with your Roku device or if Roku is not working at all, a simple restart can help you fix it. To restart your device, make sure your Roku remote is working.

Here is how you can restart your Roku device:

  • On the remote, press the Home button
  • Choose Settings
  • Then click System Restart
  • Again, select Restart and press Ok
  • This will restart the Roku device.

If in case the screen is frozen, here is how you can restart your Roku device:

  • Press the Home button five times continuously
  • Then press the Up arrow once
  • Next, press the Rewind button twice
  • After that, press the fast-forward button twice and this will restart the Roku device.

Alternatively, you can restart Roku by unplugging it completely and then plugging it back after 10 seconds.

2 Update Roku

If restarting the device doesn’t help, you can see if the Roku software needs to be updated. Although Roku OS gets automatically updated in the background if that doesn’t happen, here is how you can update the software manually:

  • On the remote, press the Home button.
  • Select Settings
  • Then choose System
  • Click on System Update
  • After that, click ‘Check Now to Manually Check for Updates
  • If an update is available, it will be automatically downloaded and installed
  • Once the update gets installed, restart the Roku device and see if the issue got fixed

3 Factory Reset Roku

If none of the above solutions worked to fix the issues for your Roku device, the factory reset option could be used as a last resort. Doing this will restore the Roku device to its original state, deleting all the information saved on it such as preferences, settings, channel downloads, network channel, etc., making it as if you have just got a new device.

Here is how you can factory reset your Roku device:

  • On the remote, press the Home button
  • Select Settings
  • Choose System
  • Then select Advanced System Settings
  • Click Factory Reset
  • Then choose Factory Reset Everything

And after that, follow the instructions shown on the screen to factory reset your Roku device. Once you have reset the device, start it and see if the issue got resolved.

In case your Roku device is frozen and is not responding to the remote commands, you can factory reset it using the Reset button.

Other Issues with Roku Device

1 Overheating Issue

If your Roku device is overheating, this can happen if you have placed it over some other electronic device or if it is receiving direct sunlight. If the device overheats, the Roku LED light will turn red. To fix the issue, just unplug the device, and then after 10 minutes, reconnect it to the power. If it is still showing a red light, you should contact Roku support.

2 Low Power

Roku devices will show low power if the USB port connected to does not provide adequate power. As a result, you will see a low power warning on the screen and the LED light will turn red. Make sure you are using the same USB power adapter that came with your Roku device, as these adapters have been designed keeping in mind the power requirement of the Roku devices.

3 Issues with Roku Remote

If Roku remote is not working or you are not able to use it properly, make sure you are using it in direct connection with the Roku device. No obstacle should be blocking the signal’s path.

Normally, Roku devices come with two types of remote: infrared remote (IR) and WiFi ‘point anywhere’ enhanced remote. If the IR remote is not working, you can check if any obstacles are blocking its path and if the enhanced remote is not working, check if the batteries are working fine. If you have recently replaced the batteries, you can reset the remote using the following steps:

  • Take out the batteries from the remote
  • Unplug your Roku device
  • Wait for 10 seconds
  • Then plug the device back in
  • Reinsert the batteries
  • Now, wait for 30 seconds and let the remote automatically connect to the device.

If the remote doesn’t pair automatically, press the pairing button and the light will begin to flash. After that, follow the on-screen instructions.

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