What are McShin Foundation’s Primary Industries?

Do you feel like there is nowhere to turn in your time of desperate need? If you are struggling with a family member’s addiction or are going through the loss of someone due to substance abuse, then you know the feeling. You’ve probably tried everything. You’ve likely even experienced having important conversations with your loved one’s substance use disorder by proxy.

McShin Foundation provides resources and support to individuals and families in their fight against Substance Use Disorders. They show you how to address an addiction or recovery situation head-on, enabling you to get back on track in your life without being distracted by worrying about something that is beyond your control. Read on to understand McShin Foundation’s primary industries.

Family Education Group

McShin Foundation’s Family Education Group is a non-profit organization that provides education, support, and resources to families of individuals struggling with addiction. The Family Education Group offers intensive training in substance use. 

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Recovery Residencies

Each residence is designed to provide a safe environment where residents can live while they work on their recovery journey. Every residence is in a 15000 square foot with over 100 beds and is open the whole year. The houses have access to activities such as art therapy, yoga classes, dance and movement therapy sessions, and more! Residents must attend weekly community meetings and pursue a recovery pathway with the house’s staff members. There is accountability in the residencies. 

28-Day Residential Program

The Residential Program is designed to stabilize participants in a halfway house environment while they work on their recovery. It provides participants with the tools and support needed to continue their recovery process once they leave. 

They also provide participants with a safe space to explore the world of recovery through group discussions led by trained professionals and one-on-one counseling sessions. Participants learn about what it means to live a sober life and how to build healthy relationships with themselves and others through sporting activities and outdoor activities like white water rafting or rock climbing. Participants can also access clinical services like individual therapy, medical detox, and access to psychiatry.

Jail Recovery Program

The McShin Foundation is dedicated to providing hope, recovery, and restoration to individuals recovering from SUD so they may become successful members of society again. The McShin Foundation’s Jail Recovery Program was built on the principles of helping those who have been incarcerated return home with a plan for successful reentry into their communities. The program’s goal is to help each inmate transition from prison life back into society as successfully as possible by linking them up with successful recovering people in society.

Family Support

The first thing we do is eliminate the shame and stigma of Substance Use Disorders by educating the public about these diseases. They make it possible for people to talk about Substance Use Disorders with their families and friends, so they don’t feel alone or like they’re bad because they have one.

They also work to develop family solutions and support to help families live with this disease in a way that works for them. Finally, they create awareness among the community so that people know how to get help if needed by having education groups for the person suffering from SUD and the whole family. The aim is to heal the whole family.

Family Council

They have a drug and alcohol counselor trained to work with families and individuals struggling with addiction or those at risk of developing an addiction. They focus on helping those in need overcome addiction to live a healthy, productive life. They meet every Wednesday night at the foundation from 5:15 pm -7.00 pm.

Grief Recovery Program

Tracy Grow founded the Grief Recovery Program, also known as GRAPLE,  in 2017. The foundation is dedicated to supporting anyone affected by substance use disorders and looking for resources, information, and guidance on how best to cope with this difficult time.

GRAPLE also offers an online forum on Tuesdays and Fridays for people who want to share their experiences of losing a loved one through drug use. This forum allows users to feel that they are not alone in their grief and can gain valuable insights from others with similar experiences.

McShin Foundation works with individuals to help them manage substance use and promote recovery for individuals who have been using substances for a long time. Their recovery services help individuals gain the skills and tools needed to lead healthier lives, and their mission is to help as many people find sobriety as possible.

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