Simple Mac Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know Before

When it comes to the choice of computers, the majority of the masses prefer opting for Macs over others for numerous reasons. Business Insider states that there are numerous reasons why people prefer using Macs over Windows or Linux computers. For starters, Macs are known for their flawless software-hardware combination, which offers users a seamless experience. macOS, aka the operating system that powers up Macs, offers top-tier features and functionalities that make performing any task or activity hassle free. Besides this, Apple rolls out one major update every year and numerous patch updates with minor improvements and bug fixes. Moreover, Macs are designed to remain sturdy and robust for years, thanks to top-tier build materials paired with excellent craftsmanship. Lastly, Apple’s post-sales service is exceptional, which is yet another reason why Apple’s range of Macs is extremely popular all around the globe. 

It is well-known that Macs pack in ground-breaking computational capabilities. Sadly, most Mac users are oblivious to this fact, and thus, they do not know how to utilize the device to the best of their abilities. For instance, the majority of Mac users do not know that Mac features tons of native keyboard shortcuts that facilitate users to perform specific tasks quickly and seamlessly. Users also get the option to customize keyboard shortcuts as per their preferences. Similar to keyboard shortcuts, macOS users can implement numerous tricks and hacks to simplify their Mac-using experience. This article will highlight numerous effective Mac hacks and tricks that most users do not know about. Let us get started:

Change the Names of Multiple Files at Once

Every Mac user, at one point in time or another, deals with digital files in abundance. Even though managing a few files is not an issue, the real trouble begins when individuals need to manage and organize tons of files, i.e., categorize them based on specific parameters. The first step involved in the process of organizing files is renaming them. Renaming a single file is not deemed a colossal task, but when it comes to renaming files in a massive quantity, it demands both more time and effort. Thankfully, macOS offers a simple and easy solution for this. macOS users can conveniently rename multiple files at once. All they need to do is select the files they wish to rename, shift-click on them, and opt for the “Rename” option after pressing the left mouse button and command key together. Then, individuals need to use the “Format” option present in the pop-up menu, select the right naming format as per their preferences and click on the Rename option to input the name. This native renaming feature of macOS simplifies the renaming process and helps users save time and effort. 

Boot Mac in Verbose Mode

Even though Macs are sturdy devices, they exhibit issues from time to time. Whenever this happens, it prevents users from turning their Macs on and using them like they usually do. Thankfully, macOS features a special startup mode known as the verbose mode. It facilitates users to diagnose problems. It is available as a built-in functionality on all macOS versions below macOS 11.2. To enable Mac verbose mode, all an individual needs to do is turn off their Mac completely by using the “Shut down” option, wait for it to turn off completely, then [press the power button to restart it and while it is starting up, press and hold the command and V keys together. The highly-useful mode replaces the Mac startup screen with command lines and facilitates users to identify common issues like white screens or malfunctioning third-party applications. 

Use Split View to Multitask Easily

One of the selling points of Macs is that they allow users to work on multiple projects with ease using the device’s multitasking features and functionalities. However, working on multiple tasks simultaneously requires users to constantly switch between windows, which takes a significant amount of time and tarnishes the users’ productivity. One of the most effective and foolproof methods of avoiding time wastage and enhancing productivity while multitasking is to use the Split View feature of macOS. This native feature of macOS divides the screen of Macs into two halves, each of which the user can utilize for a separate project or task. To use the Split View feature, all a macOS user needs to do is go to their screen’s upper left corner, click and hold the green icon, and click on the “Tile Window to Left of Screen” option. Doing so will make the open app’s window shift to one side. Users can then use the other side to open and work on another app or window without hassle. It is a great feature that every macOS user should use when multitasking to save time and enhance their productivity. 

With the aforementioned tricks and hacks, macOS users can double their productivity and use their devices to the best of their capabilities.

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