Does a Fender Bender Count as an Accident?

Uncertainties are bound to arise in our daily lives. The Fender Bender happens at any time but is regarded as an accident? Fender Bender is a minor collision that might occur within vehicles. However, it involves minor collisions and can sometimes result in damages or injuries. More concretely, a minimum threshold does not exist for a Fender Bender to be classified as an accident. But, in simple terms, it is regarded as an accident. If involved in a Fender Bender, you probably have legal rights to have your compensation. Before you can disregard it as an inconvenience, you must take your health and properties the priority and read about Fender Bender and other accidents on Hale Law. Here is what is it all about Fender Bender accidents; 

Individuals’ Safety Comes First.

Should you contact the police for minor accidents? Yes, contact them and heed the instructions provided. Also, you have to take your car off-road and use the hazard lights to signify a problem. You do not have to be in traffic when your car is on the road; stepping to a safer place is essential. It is not good to assume that no injuries are experienced by the partners involved. It is necessary to consult a professional to offer an opinion on the incident and, more importantly, seek a doctor’s assessment to ensure that no injuries are there that may not have been noticed during the collision. 

Should You Contact Insurance Company for Fender Bender? 

More often, the partners involved in a Fender Bender have anxiety regarding notifying the insurer about the accident. Many individuals fear that taking a step to do that may result in insurance premiums or the company failing to renew its policies. But, making a report does not affect the premiums to go up. To put this in a clear perspective, rates on insurance are involved if, after an investigation of the incident, you are found to be at fault for the Fender Bender.

 The insurer’s relationship is what you signed on a contract (insurance policy). In the procedure, the insurer explicitly explains that in case of an accident, report it to the insurer within a specified time, irrespective of the severity of the fault. If this is not done, you stand a chance to lose coverage of your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) when seeking compensation for either the damage caused or the injuries. Deciding not to inform your insurer of an accident is flawed logic. To have this in simple terms, regardless of whether you do not report the accident thinking that you were not at fault can work against you. So, to avoid unnecessary risks, ensure you notify your insurer about it. 

The Extent of Injuries in Fender Bender

To be precise, quantifying minor injuries is not equivalent for everyone. One’s injury can be someone’s minor injury and, at the same time, someone else’s significant injury. So, the fact that most drivers disregard contacting the police or the insurance company is not a justification or belief that no injuries have been incurred. It is a dangerous assumption and is inadequate security of oneself. As much as Fender Bender is regarded as “minor,” it can cause non-visible injuries, which, if not treated, can result in significant impacts later on. 

Are There Compensation for Fender Bender? 

On many occasions, victims of the Fender Bender feel reluctant to have compensation for the injuries or damages caused to them. They look at such incidents as minor and wonder if they have to find a lawyer. However, those notions are usual and should not have your negativity of not getting you compensated. As the law suggests, all victims of accidents, including Fender Bender, should be paid. And if it’s a major accident, then you’ll definitely need legal help to get the full compensation you deserve. But not all lawyers are created equal. So when choosing a lawyer, be sure to pick one who specializes in the type of accident you’ve been involved in. For example, if you’re an Uber driver who was involved in an accident, then you’ll want to find an uber accident lawyer being sure that they have the knowledge and experience necessary to get you the best possible outcome. Once you get legal action from a reputable professional, you stand to obtain payments for; the costs related to your medical care, the cost of repairing the damages, the remuneration lost in the event of getting medication, and other sufferings arising from the accident. Therefore, under no circumstance should you fail to contact compensated because of a Fender Bender. 

Steps to Take Immediately a Fender Bender Occurs?

If you experience a Fender Bender caused by someone else, you have the right to get compensated. Therefore, you must undertake the following steps; first, when you have moved your car to a safe place, contact the law enforcement agencies and wait at the scene, and work with them until you have a report. At this point, it is essential to seek medication as this can weaken the right to obtain compensation. Finally, you probably have to contact a professional lawyer for consultation and legal rights.

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