How to Optimize Your Laundry Room Storage

Optimizing your laundry room space and storage is good for ensuring that all your appliances like washing machines are not taking up a lot of space. It also helps you to have a tidy environment in which to do laundry and other chores. Of course, you may have trouble organizing your laundry room if you’ve recently acquired new appliances or have had some remodeling work done. There are plenty of places to get tips on how to go about organizing your laundry room storage. For instance, the More Space Place official website provides plenty of tips on how to do this. If you want to take it further, you can always reach them for professional guidance on laundry room organization and other such issues.

The idea is to utilize as much as much space for purposes of efficiency and to avoid a cluttered look in the laundry room storage. You can do this by;

1)Add Shelves

One of the benefits of having a dedicated laundry space is that you can have plenty of room if the layout is planned right. To optimize the available spaces, add plenty of shelves. These shelves will help you house the different things that’ll be stored in the laundry room. Whether they’re detergents, shoes, clothing items, or any other thing that needs to be in the laundry room, shelves will go a long way toward creating a tidy environment by ensuring that there is less cluttered space. For instance, the unused corner spaces in the laundry room can all be repurposed by adding shelves for miscellaneous items.

2) Use the Ceiling to Install a Drying Rack

If you live in an apartment complex, hanging your clothes outside in a public area may not seem like an ideal prospect. You can utilize your laundry room’s ceiling for this. Instead of having numerous drying racks occupying the floor space, you can utilize the ceiling space. Ideally, you want to install light wooden or aluminum racks. This ensures that the untidy look associated with wet clothes all over your laundry room is avoided. Of course, you may have to seek the help of a contractor to help install the racks, not only for saving space but also for safety purposes. You don’t want to drill holes into the ceiling that could compromise the room’s overall structural integrity.

3) Add Storage Baskets to the Cabinet

Adding drawers and baskets to the cabinet in the laundry room is a great way of ensuring that there’s extra space for storing more items. A common habit for most people is to leave the baskets lying around. This not only creates unnecessary clutter but also takes up inordinate amounts of floor space. Things like towels, flip-flops, and detergents can be stored in such storage baskets, ensuring that your laundry room does not feel cramped.

4) Use Curtains

 It’s amazing what a few curtains could do to your laundry room space. With a few well-placed ones, you can give your laundry room quick aesthetic improvement. For instance, washers and dryers, while essential for laundry room chores, can give it a weird look. Having curtains to obscure their view when not in use will instantly revamp the laundry room look. While this hack may not necessarily “add” more space, it will make your laundry room seem more spacious.

5) Optimize Wall Storage

The design of a laundry room is a big factor in your enjoyment (or lack thereof) of laundry tasks and any other chores to be performed there. As such, anything that can optimize space is usually a good idea. Using the free wall space is one way of doing this. You can hang baskets on these free wall spaces. These baskets can be useful for storing things like detergents, soap, conditioners, and other small items in the laundry room. You can go a step further and install extra wall drawers if the laundry room already has them. The extra storage space on the walls ensures that things are not left lying on the floor to occupy unnecessary space.

6) Utilize the Laundry Room Door

Any efforts to increase storage capacity in the laundry room are welcome. The laundry room door can be used for storing extra stuff. A simple trick is to install small wooden racks behind the door. These racks can be used for hanging clothes, whether separately or on hangers.

All in all, a little creativity can produce surprising results as far as laundry room storage goes.

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