FireStick Keeps Restarting? Here is How to Fix it

Amazon is popularly known as one of the biggest firms in the world. From online shopping to OTT platforms, everything is there. The Amazon Fire Stick came as one of the latest additions, and people quickly grew fond of the tech.

But good things fell apart and this was no different as users started experiencing errors where the Fire Stick keeps restarting on its own. In case you are one such worried user and want to know the answer to “what to do when my Firestick keeps restarting?”, you are in luck as today we have a detailed guide on how to fix the same with ease.

Why does my fire stick keep restarting? Well, this generally happens to software and hardware-related errors, but at times, power options can also be the cause of it.

Simple Ways to Fix Restarting Issues with Fire Stick

1 Try Using Official Accessories

Users often make use of accessories that are not original whenever they feel too lazy or in case they have misplaced the original ones, and these can lead to several issues, with the “fire stick keeps restarting” being the most common one among them. Make use of the originals to avoid encountering this issue.

2 By Changing the Adaptor

Adaptors can be at the center of such issues. Mostly, a 1 Ampere adaptor comes with a fire stick. In case you are facing this issue, changing the adaptor with one that slightly has more power can fix this issue.

3 Via Removing the Extensions

Extensions can do more harm than good at times, and the reason your fire stick keeps rebooting is that the external additions are causing some sort of hindrance. One can try to remove the extensions and simply connect the stick directly to fix this issue.

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4 With the Use of a Different USB Cable

USB cables are not known for their durability, and there are chances that they may stop working or malfunction at any given time. Try using a different cable to see if that fixes the error or not.

5 Via Plugging the Fire TV Stick in the Power Outlet

Using an external power outlet can come off as a pretty great option for users who are facing this issue. When they have directly the fire stick to the USB port of the device. The reason behind this is that not every USB port offers sufficient power to ensure that the sticks are running correctly.

6 Via Disconnecting Other HDMI Connected Devices

Modern TV sets offer two different HDMI ports to offer users the option of hooking multiple devices at once. But at times, this can heavily backfire. At times, HDMI devices can be the reason your Amazon fire stick keeps restarting. Start by unplugging all the HDMI ports and then plug all the devices one by one to check which one is responsible for this issue.

7 By Formatting the Fire Stick

Many consider this to be the last resort when all hope is lost. There are a couple of methods that can be used to do the same, but the easiest is to factory reset the device to get rid of this issue.

8 Via Updating the Fire Stick

If there is a piece of technology, bugs are inevitable. Try to check for any pending updates as that may help in fixing this issue. Access the settings of fire TV and click on the “check for system update” option to get the job done.

9 By Turning Off HDMI CEC Device Control

Most users do not know about this, but it is possible to control your TV with your Fire Stick TV. This can be carried out with the use of HDMI CEC, a feature that is available on all the new TV sets. This further allows users to control all HDMI devices with one remote.

Try to turn this feature off, as many users have complained that this feature becomes the reason for the fire stick issue.

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Q.1 What to do if Hulu keeps restarting on my Firestick?

Ans-1: Even though Hulu works perfectly with Firestick, it still can have crashes sporadically during streaming. To fix the same, click on the settings to select the applications option and choose the manage button for the installed applications. Select Hulu from there and click on the restart to finish. If this doesn’t work, learn how to restart the fire stick or how to reboot the fire stick to fix the same issue.

Q.2 Why is my Fire Stick acting up when I am using it with Spotify?

Ans-2:  Before you move further, check to make sure that the servers of Spotify are not down. And after this, ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is stable and see if the airplane mode is not turned on. Also, check the app of Spotify for updates as a safety measure.

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