How Experienced Engineers can Complete 40-year Recertification Quickly

What Exactly is 40-year Recertification?

According to local regulations, if you own a building in Miami-Dade or Broward County, you must have it inspected by a qualified engineer. And you must do this as your building approaches the 40-year threshold, which is why it is referred to as 40-year recertification.

The engineer you employ will perform a thorough structural building assessment, including the home foundation, to determine its safety. The engineer will detail any safety risks with your building, such as intrinsic vulnerabilities or structural failure. Following that, you will receive an inspection report detailing the concerns that must be resolved as soon as possible.

The goal of a 40-year inspection is to guarantee that the age of your facility does not represent a safety risk to its residents. As a result, engineers get a thorough grasp of your building’s maintenance requirements and make recommendations accordingly.

How Does Recertification Work?

When a building reaches the age of forty years, county or local code compliance officials give the property owner a Notice of Required Inspection. Recertification dates are determined by the anniversary of the original Certificate of Occupancy for the Building or Structure.

Property owners have 90 days from the notice date to get the property inspected correctly. The inspection results will determine whether the property will be recertified for another ten years or if changes are required before recertification is allowed. If repairs or enhancements are required, owners have an additional 60 days to execute them.

Penalties may be imposed for failing to comply with the inspection notice or failing to complete required repairs. 

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What Actions do Our Engineers Take to Complete 40-year Recertification Quickly?

On the surface, the inspection appears to be straightforward. A blank 40-year report is essentially a fill-in-the-blank form. This form also provides checkboxes for the inspector to mark items as completed, as well as information about the property being inspected. Although the inspection appears to be simple, it requires the services of an experienced specialist. 

We must thoroughly inspect the property and correctly identify any concerns. The inspector can also provide you with helpful advice on the best approach to carry out the repairs. A 40-year recertification required two types of inspections: an electrical check and a structural assessment.

On the electrical side, the inspector normally inspects the key electrical components in the electrical room. Panels, main breakers, main feeders, gutters, and the entry from the FP&L transformer are examples of these components. A faulty electrical system is obviously dangerous since individuals can be electrocuted or a fire can start.

On the structural side, the inspector examines the property’s primary structural components. The foundations, beams, columns, slabs, and roofs are examples of these elements. The majority of the inspection is visual in nature. Obviously, the inspector is looking for visible indicators of stress in these members, such as fractures, spalls, and deflections. A skilled inspector can distinguish between a major crack and one that does not represent a structural risk. We’ve established a blog page with advice on hiring an inspector.

What is Unique About Our 40-Year Recertification Inspection?

We bring the same expert approach to your 40-year building recertification inspection, whether you’re a member of a homeowner’s association or an individual homeowner, to ensure your success.

Quick Quotation

Our staff members swiftly prepare and submit a thorough price for the 40-year inspection.

Simple Scheduling

We quickly schedule and perform your 40-year recertification examination after you sign and accept the proposal.

Reliable Reporting

A complete and accurate report is provided by our team of licensed and skilled engineers. We deliver your report in both digital and hard copy formats.

Specialist in 40-year Recertification

We assist landlords, property managers, purchasers, and sellers. Who requires a 40-Year Building Recertification Inspection in order to comply with and satisfy the requirements of their municipal and building department? Unlike other inspection companies, which can just provide an inspection report at best, we can supply our clients with a complete turnkey service. Our solution is to offer our clients a one-stop, turnkey solution for recertifying their buildings.

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What Comes with a 40-year Recertification Inspection?

40-Year Structural Recertification

  • Condition of structural elements
  • Repair estimate
  • Structural damage identification
  • Photography

Illumination Safety Inspection

  • Light intensity test
  • Illumination Estimate, if required
  • Existing lighting survey
  • Available in Miami-Dade County

Electrical Safety Inspection

  • Condition of electrical equipment
  • Life-safety 
  • Electrical violations 
  • Photography

Infrared Safety Inspection

  • Written Report and Photos
  • Only for Electrical systems 
  • Thermography (Level II)
  • Operate at 400 amperes or greater

Why Should You Choose Us for 40-year Recertification?

Building Inspections by Certified Structural Inspectors

Whether your structure is 40 years old or a century old, the experience and attention to detail that our structural engineer home inspector brings to the occasion are critical to the safety of your building and the future of the structure itself.

We are Licensed and Experienced 

Our skilled and experienced expert inspectors complete the work correctly — every time. We take the time to thoroughly analyze every component of your facility to accurately portray its status, provide a report on how to bring shortcomings up to code, and finally lend the expert support you require to secure your structure and the people who live in it.

Wrapping It Up

You must prepare your facility for a seamless and trouble-free 40-year recertification by completing necessary repairs months before the inspection.

With planned changes to the recertification program, a home structural assessment will be required when your structure hits 30. While the 30-year recertification program may appear time-consuming and superfluous, it is certain to improve building safety. As a building owner, you will receive an inspection notification two years before the recertification, which will make maintenance and repairs much easier.

Contact us today to schedule your 40-year recertification inspection or to learn more about our expert services.

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