How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

Hazardous waste of any kind can cause problems for humans and animals. The same can also affect your surroundings and interfere with your daily chores. Debris can also spread infections, leading to adverse consequences at work or home. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep your surroundings healthy and safe for personal or commercial needs is to ensure you dispose of any waste properly. And while there are many ways to dispose of waste, renting a dumpster is among the most effective ones you can embrace.

However, because you will probably come across many dumpster rental service businesses, it can still be challenging to determine the right Dumpster Rental Prices & Sizes for your needs. Here’s a breakdown of how much you need to rent a dumpster and the factors that influence this cost.

The Average Cost of Renting a Dumpster

The average cost of renting a dumpster ranges between $300 and $500 per week. This cost is for a single roll-off dumpster for a single room, remodel, or whole house waste. Also, the average amount you pay depends on the size of the property or space you want to clean or the volume and type of debris you have.

For example, a ten-yard dumpster can cost you about $200. But this size is also limited to specific projects and the volume of waste. It’s only applicable and enough to dispose of debris from projects such as landscaping or cleaning a single room. 

Also, you can rent a ten-yard dumpster for $200 if you want to haul heavier debris with the least amount of waste from projects like a construction site with concrete and bricks.

On the other hand, depending on the property’s size and the waste volume, you can rent a 15 or 30-yard dumpster. Usually, a 15-yard dumpster will cost you between $250 to $600. And unlike a 10-yard dumpster, a 15 or 30-yard dumpster is a good option for small projects with bulkier waste, such as cleaning an attic, removing the debris of a single-room remodelling project, or when you have a basement cleanout project. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of Renting a Dumpster

While renting dumpsters is an excellent way to dispose of large and small volumes of waste and garbage, you still need to understand the factors that affect the cost of renting a dumpster regardless of its size and the urgency of cleaning. And some of the factors that influence this cost include the following;

The Rental Period

The rental period is the time you need to hire a dumpster and use it until you have completed collecting the waste you want to dispose of. This way, it’s no doubt the longer you take, the more you will pay for the dumpster.

But, to reduce the cost regardless of how long it will take you to dispose of all the waste you have, you can plan ahead of time and keep everything ready before you rent the dumpster.

For example, you can have a thorough cleaning strategy that collects all the debris and the garage together instead of bringing in dumpster collectors. Or, you can use your vehicles to cover the transportation cost if the dumpster servicemen charge a single rental package that involves transportation expenses. 

This way, your waste will be collected and disposed of faster, reducing the rental cost you pay for the dumpster regardless of whether it’s far or near.

The Type of Waste

When obtaining dumpster rental prices, be specific about the type of waste you intend to haul and clean. Dumpster rentals will give you discounts if they know the kind of debris you have. 

For example, renting a clean-loaded dumpster may get you a discount because these dumpsters are for specific types of waste like recyclable garbage such as building materials, including shingles and concrete.

The Weight of the Debris

Many dumpster rentals have weight limits as part of their rental package fees. This way, the amount you pay for renting the dumpster depends solely on the weight of the waste you have. Therefore, hauling and cleaning heavier materials will likely cost you more than lightweight materials.

But in the end, whether you have a small or big project, disposing of your waste has more benefits than you can imagine. Disposing of your residential or commercial debris in a dumpster will prevent the spread of diseases and keep your environment safe and hygienic.

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