How Much Does it Cost to Install a CCTV System?

With the increasing popularity of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, many homeowners and businesses turn to them to beef up security. Whether a wireless camera for the front lawn or a state-of-the-art one for a large business, these gadgets come at a cost. Depending on your property and the type of CCTV system, you could pay top dollar for its installation. Of course, paying top dollar requires getting value for your money; in this regard, Mammoth Security Inc. New Haven is a company that helps businesses and homeowners get value for their money. With a team of skilled specialists, it can help improve security at your premises by installing a CCTV system that’s more suited to your needs and budget.

Average Cost of Installing a CCTV System

Costs for CCTV system installation can vary widely, with the lowest prices being around $930. At the top end, people pay as much as $4500! Of course, several factors will determine this cost.

Factors Affecting the Cost of CCTV System Installation

  •  Number of Cameras and Security Needs

These main factors will affect how much you pay for CCTV camera installation. Your security needs will be crucial. For instance, if you’re a homeowner concerned about burglary, you’ll want cameras covering the most likely entry points. These could include areas near windows and the backyard. This could mean covering the parking lot or the underground garage for a business. In addition to this, the size of the area in need of camera coverage will also matter. More size means more cameras, thereby leading to a larger installation cost. The homeowner of a 3-bedroom house will expect to pay much less for CCTV system installation than the owner of an apartment complex with a hundred units.

  • Types of Cameras

Not all CCTV cameras are manufactured equal. Some are there simply to show the movement of individuals without any emphasis on their distinguishing physical characteristics. Others come equipped with added features like motion detection and increased visibility. For instance, if you’re trying to secure the surrounding property with many wooden areas, you’ll need cameras with motion detection functionality and night vision capabilities. These will typically cost more to install than regular cameras.

Some cameras cover only a limited range, meaning that you can’t expect them to have a wide range of visibility. If installed in one spot, some cameras can cover nearly 360 degrees. Such a camera will cost more to purchase and install than one without such capabilities. It’s not uncommon for such high-quality cameras to cost over $100 per installation.

  • System Monitoring

Property owners sometimes want their CCTV system wired to an offsite facility. Some companies monitor private property CCTV feeds 24 hours a day. Such services are not usually included as part of CCTV installation. The company you hire for your camera installation will charge you more to have your CCTV system connected to an off-site monitoring facility.

Sometimes, you may want to have the CCTV camera integrated into your other home security systems. For instance, you may want any motion activity captured by the CCTV camera to activate front porch lights or an alarm system. All such integrations will cost you more.

  • DIY vs. Professional Installation

As with many things, many people fancy themselves as jacks of all trades. With camera installation seemingly easy, many homeowners are tempted to do it themselves. True, some cameras come with instruction manuals that enable amateurs to install them efficiently. However, there is always the risk of messing things up. This is especially true for top-of-the-line CCTV systems. Such cameras usually require trained technicians with experience and the right tools to do the job properly.

Additionally, some factors may need to be considered when installing cameras in specific spots. For instance, some jurisdictions forbid people from installing CCTV systems in places that may compromise other people’s privacy. A good example is when your camera directly views someone’s backyard or bathroom window. Violating such laws could result in serious legal consequences. This is one reason why it’s best to hire professional camera installers. They’ll know about such things besides being good at their jobs.

Ultimately, the bigger the area to cover, the more you’ll have to pay installation costs. The same applies to installing the latest CCTV systems. The most important consideration, nonetheless, is to find a camera that best fits your needs.

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