Best Senegal players

El Hadji Diouf

Diouf is one of the best Senegalese players ever. The peak of his career can be considered the 2002 World Cup, where he was the leader of his team, although he could not score goals. Despite the poor performance, Diouf played all the matches at the highest level, his talent was very much noticed.

After the 2002 World Cup, he scored more than once for his national team, he scored so often that he was able to become the second scorer in the history of his team. El Hadji scored quite a lot for Senegal at the African Cup, which was held in the same year, the team with the player was able to reach the final of the tournament, but could not defeat rivals from Cameroon in the decisive match. The footballer revealed his football career in Europe in full. The football player spent several dozen matches for Liverpool, after which he moved to Bolton, where he spent the best years of his career. Unfortunately, Diouf was never able to reach the level of other legendary African players, but he left a significant mark on the history of his national team, he scored 21 in 69 matches.

Henri Camara

Camara is no less legendary football player for his national team, it is important to immediately note that he is Senegal’s top scorer with 29 goals, he is also the record holder for the number of matches played (99 matches). Many say that Henry had less talent than Diouf, whether this is true is not known for sure, but it can be said for sure that Camara was an excellent football player. The football player’s European career was not very outstanding, but he still managed to play for many teams on the continent.

The most legendary match for the player was the match at the World Cup in 2002 against Sweden. Camara scored a double in that match, which allowed Senegal to advance to the quarterfinals.


Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane is already rightfully called the best player in the history of Senegal, the football player was able to bypass Diouf’s career at times, winning many more trophies and realizing his football potential much better. Having moved to Liverpool, Mane and the team were able to win many trophies, including the English Championship and the Champions League. In addition to achievements with the club, Sadi also won many personal awards.

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Mane has been playing for the national team since 2012, the footballer has not yet been able to break the goal record, but he is already very close to it, since he scored 27 goals in 82 matches. A unique achievement for a player in the position of a winger.

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