How can Bloggers Avoid Plagiarism using Tools? 4 Best Rewriters to Use

A blog is an information website focused on a particular topic. The main purpose of a blog is to sell your product or service. Today, the blog has emerged as one of the most effective marketing tools.

The bloggers strive hard to rank well on Google’s SERP. The rankings help the blog attract a large audience, which ultimately translates into sales leads.

Google considers more than 200 factors for ranking a website, the most fundamental of all is unique content. To rank on top, your content should be original, thought-provoking, user-driven, and SEO Optimized.

4 Best Rewriters Tools to Remove Plagiarism

The internet world is filled with many rewriters, each claiming to provide the best paraphrasing solution. However, all can never be the same 

This section highlights the 5 best rewriters which you can use to remove plagiarism from your blog.

1 is the number one tool when it comes to removing plagiarism. The tool can rephrase your blog in 4 different modes, which include:

  • Plagiarism Remover the most basic mode. This mode is used to remove mild plagiarism by simple keyword alterations.
  • Near Human:   This mode is focused on rewriting complete sentences. The sentences are written like human writings.
  • Text Improver: The most advanced mode. The tool uses advanced AI to analyze the quality of text and then improves it to make it more engaging and convincing.
  • Creative: This mode is used to remove any trace of the source material. The tool rewrites in a completely alternate tone, which no plagiarism checker can detect.

The tool can translate your text into multiple languages. To provide a complete rewriting solution in one place, the tool has been equipped with a grammar checker and plagiarism checker. This allows you to check the quality of your paraphrase.

The tool also has a summarizer and content generator to contract or expand a subject as per the requirement.


  • Ideal solution for bloggers
  • Easy to use
  • Most versatile tool
  • Highly efficient 


  • Not available on android and IOS

2 is our 2nd pick courtesy of its versatility of rewriting. The tool is an ideal choice for bloggers looking for targeted paraphrasing. The tool offers 5 rewriting modes, which are:

  • Human:  The model uses a humanized approach for rewriting concerning contextual accuracy.
  • AI Robot: The model focuses on alternate expressions while incorporating web-friendly language.
  • Plagiarism Remover: This mode rewrites content with the idea of removing plagiarism from original content.
  • Grammar Checker: This mode generates a grammatically accurate output.
  • Sentence Structure: This mode alters sentence structuring to enhance the quality of your original draft.

The choice of model depends upon user requirements. The tool can accept the input in the form of a text or Docx file.  It can also translate the output into more than 20 different languages.

However, the lack of features like a content generator or summarizer is a notable absence. The tool also lacks its plagiarism checker.


  • Suitable for professionals
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality rewrite


  • Not ideal for newbies
  • Lacks aided features

3 comes at number 3 courtesy of its rewriting prowess. For bloggers keen on maintaining contextual accuracy and minute detail, this tool is the best choice.

The tool can remove plagiarism by using its complex algorithms The interface is user-friendly and the tool is very simple to use. The tool can rewrite 10,000 in one search, this enables it to rephrase your whole blog in one go. This contributes to improving contextual relevance.

The tool is completely free to use, there isn’t any premium version. Therefore, you can access all features in free mode.

However, there is an obvious lack of paraphrasing modes. The tool doesn’t offer any aided features either.  The tool doesn’t possess any translator either.


  • Can remove any plagiarism
  • Easy to use
  • No premium subscription required
  • Ideal for novice writers


  • Lack of paraphrasing modes
  • Needs assistance from other tools

4 Neural Writer

Neural writers are our 4th and final choice of the day. The rewriter can paraphrase your text in 2 basic modes, which are as follows:

  • Light: the mode is used for fast rewriting. However, the output includes small adjustments.
  • Medium: The advanced mode. Although it is coined as a slow mode, the rewrite is unique.

neural writer

The tool can translate the output into multiple languages.  However, there isn’t any option available for checking plagiarism or grammar of output. 

The service is completely free, there isn’t any need to pay for quality rewriting.


  • Fast rewriting
  • Highly Efficient 
  • Useful for professionals and novice alike


  • Absence of aided features
  • Not available on Android or iOS 
  • Lacks the variety of rewriting modes

Plagiarism in Blogging

Plagiarism means copying others’ thoughts and pretending them to be your own. At times bloggers post copied content to stay relevant on search engines. However, plagiarized content is nothing but a recipe for a disaster.

Firstly, Google will never rank your content above the source. That means you will always be at a disadvantage. Secondly, excessive plagiarism can result in copyright strikes, suspension of websites, and in some cases, monetary loss as well.

Therefore, you should avoid plagiarism at every cost.

Paraphrasing/Rewriting: An antidote to plagiarism

Paraphrasing means rewriting content while maintaining its contextual accuracy. It can be used to remove plagiarism from your blog’s content.

The online tools which can paraphrase your blog’s content are paraphrasing tools. These tools use AI to not only rewrite but also to improve the overall quality of your text as well. 

We recommend this for every blogger who wants to rank well on Google.

Final Thoughts:

For any blogger, plagiarism isn’t an option. Therefore, they should use rewriters to make their content plagiarism-free. This article has highlighted the 4 best rewriters tools to remove plagiarism along with their specialties, advantages, and disadvantages.

You can pick any of the above based on your requirement. Use them and become a rockstar blogger.

Infomafia, over and out!

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