What role do NFTs and the Metaverse play in blockchain gaming?

NFT and Metaverse

Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies will have an impact on entertainment and gaming in 2021, in addition to financial services. In the fields of mobile, technology, art, and gaming, NFTs and the metaverse have become hot (and contentious) topics. With NFT sales of $91.8 million and Facebook’s new Meta direction. Part 2 of our series covered … Read more

What Security Measures Should a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Have?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow globally. According to data, the total crypto market size will reach 4.94 billion USD by 2030. As a result, the cryptocurrency exchange platforms that enable you to transact these currencies are also rising. Swyftx is one such platform that lets you buy, sell and trade crypto, with over 320 … Read more

Roku Not Connecting to Wi-Fi? Try These 8 Troubleshooting Solutions

roku not connecting to wi-fi

Roku devices are known for streaming content online. This makes it obvious that these devices need to be connected to the internet in order to stream content smoothly. If you are connected to a poor network or no network at all, this will obstruct you from streaming content online. There can be times that while … Read more

Can you Download Pokémon Go from Ogzilla? Is ogzilla.net a Scam?

pokemon go from Ogzilla

About Pokémon Go Pokemon Go is one of the popular augmented reality mobile games that was launched in the late 1990s as a part of the Pokemon franchise. The game is based on bug catching- a popular hobby in Japan. The game got popular really quickly again around 2016 due to its different concept. The … Read more

Forgot your Netflix Password? Follow Easy Steps to Change Netflix Password

change netflix password

Netflix and chill, right? We have all heard this popular catchphrase, but it is safe to say that the chill part is not what we think. The uncrowned king of OTT applications, Netflix has been making moves on the entertainment market for as long as one can remember. One can find all sorts of movies, … Read more

Roku Not Working? Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Different Problems with Roku Device

Roku not working

Key Takeaways 1 If your Roku device is not working, you can try restarting your device. 2 A Factory reset can also fix the issues with Roku but it will restore all the settings, preference and data to its original state. Don’t you find it frustrating when any of your devices suddenly stop working? This … Read more

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