5 Natural Mosquito Repellents & Alternative Ways

The warm breeze of summer when the sun hits your face and you know in your mind it’s officially time to be outdoors, bloodsucking mosquitoes lingering outside might hear your plans! The season of summer can make you nostalgic about roasting marshmallows by the campfire and endless beach days, but mosquitoes can crash the party and become the highlight of your summer break. As irritating and irksome as it is, biting insects will most likely interfere with your summer outdoor activities. The annoying itch and red bumps all over your skin can also cause serious health concerns like dengue, malaria, West Nile, and Zika. And in order to keep mosquitoes at bay, using chemical mosquito repellents can be the next best thing you can imagine. But these chemicals can be toxic to human beings. Hence natural mosquito repellent alternatives can keep the bugs and worry away. You can read about natural mosquito alternatives here.

Traditional toxic mosquito sprays and insect repellents can include synthetic chemicals like picaridin and DEET, which can be dangerous for sensitive human skin. Even though these mosquito-repelling chemicals are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, they can still be toxic to the environment and human health, according to the National Pesticide Information Center. Natural mosquito repellent solutions can keep these insects away while also protecting your skin and surrounding environment. These natural solutions are known for blending sustainable elements like garlic and clove with essential oils like lemongrass and lavender oil. They can give off a pleasant aromatic smell, unlike conventional mosquito repellents.                                                                                               

Some Of The Best Natural Mosquito Repellent Solutions

Garlic water:

Garlic has a variety of health-related qualities, so spraying your property with garlic-infused water helps repel insects. Garlic water is regarded as one of the most effective natural mosquito repellents. It may be grown, consumed, or taken in tablet form. You just need to smash a few garlic cloves and boil them in water. Then, pour the solution into a plastic bottle and spray it around the room, as well as around your outdoor light bulbs, garage, and other areas. The bottom line is- mosquitoes hate garlic. This implies that the more you eat or spray around, the less inclined they are to stick around. This remedy will eliminate mosquitoes immediately. 

Lemon eucalyptus oil:

Since the 1940s, lemon eucalyptus oil has been one of the most popular natural insect repellents. This is used in the majority of commercial insect repellents. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have authorized eucalyptus oil as an effective mosquito repellent element. In addition, according to certain tests, it provides 95 percent protection against mosquitoes for up to 3 hours.

Lavender oil:

Lavender is both beautiful to look at and fragrant. The best part is- the smell of lavender oil repels mosquitoes! Lavender flowers, when crushed, generate a scent and oil that may repel insects. You may grow lavender in an outside garden or in inside containers, and it should prevent insects. According to research, lavender oil effectively repels adult mosquitoes. You may opt to apply lavender essential oils on yourself, or you can crush the leaves and massage them on your skin. Crush the petals and apply the oil to regions of the body that are susceptible to insect bites, such as the ankles and arms. Lavender is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. A few drops of lavender oil may be placed on a clean cloth and then rubbed into the skin. This means it may also relax and soothe the skin in addition to avoiding mosquito bites. Therefore, you may use lavender oil to repel mosquitoes. It can also be sprayed around your home and its surroundings.


Citronella is a popular and efficient natural essential oil that repels insects. Almost everyone is aware of this, but citronella is perhaps the most powerful natural mosquito repellent. It is a component in several insect repellents and is made from a blend of plants. Citronella candles may give up to 50 percent more protection outdoors. If you want to repel mosquitoes, plant citronella in your yard, manufacture your own Citronella candles, or take some citronella leaves with you, since insects dislike the smell of this plant. According to research, the formulation of citronella affects its effectiveness. When properly prepared, the substance is as effective as DEET and may provide protection for up to two hours. If the formulation is poor, citronella might evaporate fast, and might not work.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is a popular essential oil from Australia. It is one of those oils that just seems to be good for everything. This oil is known for its antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. You can also use it while visiting forest areas to prevent lice from jumping on you. But investigations suggest that this oil may be a great insect repellent. Hence you can also use it to repel mosquitoes while also acting as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic product. You get a lot out of this one product.

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